by attic

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released September 23, 2014

All music written by attic
© & ℗ 2014

A space or room just below the roof of a building.
Informal terms for a human head.

Southern Oregon metal band attic lands squarely in a tech, death/avant-garde Venn diagram. attic’s collective head assembles various musical themes; ranging from the analysis of the human condition, to B budget horror movie monsters. While drawing inspiration from the Rogue Valley's seasons, and showcasing more than just an affinity for speed; attic is an amalgam of contrasts - seizing attention with organic rhythms, and dramatic lulls amidst a surging storm of punch-your-teeth-out thrash reminiscent of both modern and early legendary metal contributors.

Thoughts on the album:

"When I talked about trying to maintain a broader view, I mean moments in which the forest corridor spreads sweet whiffs of death. Although soon passing away, but just sow the seeds of rolling, podladěných nipples, which slows white hot chainsaws like the song Deathstorm. Or, Centralia which is committed to stylistic diversity, but her sympathy among more agile driving, preservers with technique. For the completely opposite end of the rope attic pulls in songs Spring or Snow. Long instrumental, epic and beautiful songs are like morning in the hide when fawns show their white asses."

- `Sorgh

" I was brought up short when I got to 'Spring.' This is not a mournful affair about how all the villagers that died during the winter must now be buried. In fact, it's a downright sunny affair, with lyrics like, 'It's time for spring / prepare for smiles.' Happy springtime smiles? What kind of death metal is this? How can I take this seriously? But then I realized something: How many overly serious (and dare I say 'comical'?) analyses of Satan do I have on my iPod? And raise your hand if you really, truly need some more songs about Chtulhu. The bottom line is this: This album rips hard, so if Attic wants to throw in some April showers and May flowers, I'm O.K. with it... The riffage is catchy, and it varies everywhere between hints to Master of Puppets goodness and proggier affair--check out 'Fall' for examples of both in one song. The band is fantastic at effortless switches between ripping metal and melodicism, as shown in 'Centralia' and 'When Trees Attack.' 'Snow' even offers a nice break as a Russian Circles-esque instrumental tune."

-Justin Collins @ Metal Bandcamp

"Intriguing combination of styles, from intense, slow death metal to punishing old-school thrash. Cool debut from this Oregon band."

"Seasons is tight. The guitar riffs yanked me in and would not let go no matter how much I squirmed. There is something fundamental about attic’s brand of death metal yet they throw in melodically technical atmospheric mind-fucks that will make your ears cream, especially for those of you who like it ruff. That’s just the first four songs, which you can check out here. The album drops on September 23rd as a self-release."

- I.O. Kirkwood @ Metal Descent

"After the first 8 bars I could not stop listening. At the 2nd song I was hooked. songs! REEF! Melodeien! Thrashing! Melancholy! Trallala! Toxic vocals! ! Ideas... These are, as surely noticed while reading, NOT the German MF / King Diamond clones."

- Cthulhu Müller

"2 truc qui roxx : attic - season Bandcamp Je nous fais une fixette sur les ricains de attic et leur black death aux contours progressifs moi en ce moment ... ça devient grave ! Leur batteur doit y être pour quelque chose car il tire la musique du groupe vers le haut et la dynamique rythmique est excellente tout au long de l'album ... les vocaux sont pas mauvais non plus..."

- FaleculA @ Metal Orgie

attic is:

Otis Blankenship IV - Drums
Christopher Pilcher - Guitars
Nathaniel Tracey - Guitars
Joey Souza - Bass
Jeremy DeGonia - Vocals

Produced by Scotty Gissel
at 23 Below Studios
Wilderville, Oregon

Producer (Pre-Production) - Rich Psonak
Pre-Production Rehearsal Space Provider - Scott Glenn @ Wolf Pack
Cover Designed by Dennis Park
Band Photographer - Matt Connell

Special Thanks:

Alex Shane
Big Jeff
Cristopher Killion
Garrison Mau
"Iron" Mike Ball
Jesse Kalman
Joey's Cat
Johnny B
Josh Smith
Jym Harris
Junior Francisco
Justin Sparks
Leslie McLane
Linda Peterson
Marty Yost
Sean Conrad



all rights reserved


attic Grants Pass, Oregon

"Long instrumental, epic and beautiful songs are like morning in the hide when fawns show their white asses."

- `Sorgh

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Track Name: Iron Dome
till we’re dead.
Track Name: Megasis
in the depths
of the ocean
lives a creature
tearing you
to pieces
limb by limb
no one will hear you
as you scream for mercy.

swim away.

there's blood
in the water-
a sailor feast.
it craves human flesh
a thirsty beast.

stay aboard
stay aboard
when out at sea.

stay aboard
stay aboard
if you want to live

those who test the waters always fail
Megasis is the one to prevail.

Track Name: Fall
embrace the light
darkness closes in
but we will shine
the sun will never die
and we will never fall.

the moon begins to rise
and we stand tall.

autumn approaches and winds grow cold
winter is coming so watch your soul
when death arrives and your back is turned.

it might become time to watch you fucking burn.
it might become time to watch you burn.
it might become time to watch you fucking burn.

embrace the light
darkness closes in
but we will shine
the sun won’t die.

the sun won’t die
and we won’t fall
the moon begins to rise
and we stand tall.

die - die - fly
Track Name: Centralia
char-coaled children
burning bodies
you need to get out.

do you know that underground
is engulfed in flames.

in flames-

rise up from the ashes
and leave this place.
get the fuck out
before you burn to death.

your time has come-
your town is done.
pray for life.

scream for redemption
you’re going to die.

you can try
to fight
but you’re going to lose.

you can try
to stay
but you’re going to die.

you stayed in the ashes-
i watched you burn.
have you seen
the tragic
miners’ urn?

scream for life.
scream for life.

and now I will
scream for life.


scream for life
scream for life
Track Name: When Trees Come Alive
i have been to a place where trees come alive
they find you no matter where you hide
leaves will grow before they die
they blow in the wind
when it's cold outside
if you look up in the sky
day and night
birds will fly and stars will shine
sun or moon
we will fight

and the trees stand tall as we decline
i have been to a place where trees come alive
if one dies, another thrives
mother nature will outlive us all
outlive us all.
Track Name: Deathstorm
will bring
you to me.
i tried
to save us
but time
destroyed us
and now
there is just
me alone

without you here


how could you
how could you do this
you stole my heart
you fucked my soul
now a storm is coming
and i won't be there to save you
i've seen your whorish ways
i've seen your better days
you fooled me with two faces
but now i have the strength
of a fucking hurricane

the way you live
disease will find you
broken and shattered dreams

and when you're begging at my knees
i hope you bring a towel
to mop up your blood
fucking rage bitch
Track Name: Spring
are you ready?
it’s time for spring.
flowers bloom-
trees will grow.

look out
wake up
it’s almost here.

the time has come
to move your feet.
cold winds fade-
snow melts away,

it’s time for spring-
prepare for smiles.

don’t be afraid
to kiss the sun...
Track Name: Monument
from up against your cones and rods
chemical combinations of what you saw.
attention synapse what to draw-
backwards snap your image gods.

a needle to the reed,
"the eager formulation"
with old fertility.


not another fool was read
on this day we'll recall
every grain is raw.

a stem,
a seed,
or until the end of meat.
Track Name: Northwest
here we go
another care free day living in this world.

no matter how fucked up it is
we still make it work
for the ones we love.

in yourself!

in yourself!

fight for what you believe
don’t ever let anyone bring you down-
fuck anyone who tries to walk on you.

big plans - big dreams.
what do you believe?

never be afraid.
never give up-
never walk away.

stand up and be the person you were born to be.

believe in yourself!
believe in yourself!
always fight for what you believe.

you believe.
we were born to fight!

nothing can take that away-
we were born to fight.

only death can take that away.